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For over 50 years we have been producing and reselling – both in Italy and abroad – support structures and accessories for vineyards and orchards. Ours is the story of a company, but first and foremost the story of a family.

ContaCT US

A family story.

The history of our company is a history made of far-sightedness, resourcefulness and perseverance. It is curiosity that turns into passion, passion that turns into work with a very precise mission: to guarantee high-quality, innovative, and long-lasting products.


Giuseppe Franciosi and his wife Cesarina begin producing PVC tying tubes in their backyard: this artisanal activity marks the official birth of the Franciosi Giuseppe S.r.l.


After the death of Giuseppe, his daughter Anna and her husband Franco take over the business: soon, ironworking is added to the production of PVC tying tubes.

Dettaglio vigneto


Anna and Franco build the first plant of the Franciosi Giuseppe S.r.l.: the company starts producing a wide range of support structures and accessories for vineyards and orchards.

2000 – Today

The business continues to grow with the construction of a second and a third plant. Meanwhile, the daughters of Anna and Franco take over the reins of the company.


Our goal is to provide versatile and innovative solutions Made in Italy. Our products are specifically designed for those who, just like us, only want the best.



Our values have been guiding us since the very beginning of this adventure: they represent our way of doing business and the basis of the relationships we establish.


Research and Innovation

The search for new products is a value rooted in our history. A recent example? An innovative anti-insect solution to prevent damage to orchards.

Passion for Quality

From raw materials to finished products: we seek excellence at every stage of production, paying particular attention to processing techniques and quality checks.

Customer Satisfaction

Our is a customer-centric approach: meeting each customer’s needs and expectations is our daily commitment and the ultimate goal we strive to achieve.

Trust and Cooperation

Respect, transparency, motivation and professional growth are the principles on which we base the relationship with all suppliers, employees, and customers.

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