The history of our company is a history made of far-sightedness, resourcefulness and perseverance. It is curiosity that turns into passion, passion that turns into work with a very precise mission: to guarantee high-quality, innovative, and long-lasting products.


The company was born in 1965 thanks to the farsighted initiative of Giuseppe Franciosi. After years of work as a miller, he decided to completely devote to agricolture and began, together with his wife Cesarina, to produce PVC tying tubes in his backyard. This artisanal activity marks the official birth of the Franciosi Giuseppe S.r.l. The new entrepreneurial journey produced good results since the very beginning, but only a few years later Giuseppe passed away. In order not to waste years of sacrifices and hard work, Cesarina decided to continue the business together with her daughter Anna and her son-in-law Franco. In 1979, Franco left the academic world to take over the reins of the company. Soon, ironworking was added to the production of PVC tying tubes.


The turning point came in 1990 when Anna and Franco built the first industrial plant: thanks to the professional means available, the company started producing a wide range of support structures and accessories for vineyards and orchards. The range of technical items to be produced and the demand from customers increased in the following years, making it necessary to further expand the production space. In 1990 the second plant was built, followed in 2000 by the third: the organization of work improved considerably thanks to over 7,000 square meters of production area. In the meantime, Anna and Franco’s children became part of the company’s staff and started contributing to the growth of the business.


Men of few words, simple and austere, but extremely generous and eager to build a better future for themselves and their families. Their curiosity, together with practical experience on the field and technological innovation, laid the basis for the future success of the business. The company is managed today by the third generation of the Franciosi family, namely by the three daughters of Anna and Franco: Lisa, Sales Manager; Erica, Administration Manager; Serena, Warehouse/Quality Manager. A continuous transformation that has, however, left intact the founding values of the company: research and innovation, passion for quality, customer satisfaction, trust and cooperation.

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