We design, produce and resell a wide range of support structures and accessories for vineyards and orchards. All our PVC and steel solutions are specifically designed to guarantee the best performance in terms of resistance and productivity, even in harsh weather conditions and on large productions.

composizione di matasse antigelo in PVC

Frost-proof PVC Tying Tubes 

Various types of frost-proof PVC tying tubes for vineyards and orchards. Flexible, durable and resistant to low temperatures. Ideal for tying plants to the support structure and attaching grafts without impeding their natural growth.

Free of toxic elements such as cadmium and lead. Available in different colours and sizes.

✔️ Made in Italy

Composizione matasse, legacci animati, gomitoli e clips

Skeins, Binding Cords, Balls, and Clips 

Skeins, binding cords, spools, polypropylene balls, synthetic raffia cones, and vegetable jute for tying grafts and plants to the end post of the vineyard. They reduce the risk of damage to the shoots which are guided along the thread. Plastic clips for fastening horizontally tensioned branches and cables. Available in different sizes and packages.

✔️ Made in Italy

composizione aste, ancoraggi e piastre

Anchors and Anti-sink Plates

Steel stakes, concrete bases, anti-sink plates, and helical anchors – round or hexagonal – for vineyards and orchards, with rear tie-rod and eyelets for fixing wire ropes to the end posts. Anchors are installed underground to guarantee immediate tensioning of the support structure, and are used for larger production, even in stony ground; anti-sink plates (4mm pre-galvinized or 7mm raw) prevents posts from sinking into soft or loose soil. Strength and durability vary according to shape, size and thickness.
Available in raw, galvanized, or painted steel.

✔️ Made in Italy

Wire and Anchor Tensioners

Various types of clamps: clamps for Guyot training systems, FB and CN clamps, round and flared clamps, wire and anchor tensioners for stretching wire ropes from post to post. Designed to withstand heavy force, such as in anti-hail installations. Available in raw or galvanized steel and in different sizes and packages depending on the model.

✔️ Made in Italy

Clamps and Clips for Greenhouses 

Hardened steel round clips and galvanized steel clamps – cross-shaped and T-shaped – for fastening plastic covers, shading nets and mite protection nets. Ideal for agricultural greenhouses and compatible with many types of pipes. Excellent gripping force and high temperature resistance. Sales per kilogram (kg).

✔️ Made in Italy

Composizione ganci e legacci ferma-filo e ferma-tutore

Hooks and Spring Spreaders 

Traditional steel systems and accessories for vineyards and orchards. Used for fixing wires to the support structure, they hold up plants and fruits from the earliest stages of development, guaranteeing them solidity and strength. Resistant and quick to use, they secure wire ropes both horizontally and vertically. Available in packets of 500 pieces.

✔️ Made in Italy

Composizione tendifilo, Gripple e morsetti

Wire Tensioners, Gripple, and Clamps 

Imarisio:registered: wire tensioners with stainless steel spring, galvanized fence wire tensioner, star-shaped wire tensioners, Spannfix wire tensioners, and galvanized XY DIN1142 clamps for stretching wires from post to post. Stainless steel wire rope thimbles. Gripple plus wire connectors for tensioning and coupling steel and synthetic tie-rods. Durable and easy-to-install accessories. Available in different sizes and packages depending on the model.

✔️ Made in Italy

Composizione accessori antigrandine per reti

Accessories for Anti-Hail Nets

Galvanized rings to fix nets at both ends of the row. Galvanized needles for transferring the net over the ridge wire. Plastic plates for tensioning and holding any type of elastic net on the ridge wire. Specifically designed for windbreak and shading systems and able to protect vineyards and orchards from even the most severe weather conditions. Available in different sizes and packages depending on the model.

✔️ Made in Italy

Composizione braccetti di testata oscillante per sistemi GDC

GDC Training Systems and Movable Cross Arms

GDC systems with movable cross arms and tie-rods for supporting and fixing the wires supporting the plants. Particularly suitable for mechanical pruning and harvesting, especially on large productions. They guarantee strong structural support and optimal ripening of fruits exposed to sunlight – especially grapes. Concrete posts available upon request.

✔️ Made in Italy

Composizione testate pesanti frutteto e braccetti per kiwi

Heavy Post Attachments for Orchards and Kiwifruit Training Systems

Heavy post attachments with rear reinforcement, particularly suitable for large productions. Length is customizable from 1 to 3 meters, concrete posts and rollers are available upon request. Kiwifruit training systems equipped with plate and two or more wire holders. Ideal for orchards needing strong and durable support structures.

✔️ Made in Italy

Composizione testate leggere da frutteto

Lightweight Post Attachments for Orchards

Lightweight post attachments for orchards (30x30x3) with side rollers, particularly suitable for smaller productions. Length is customizable from 40 mm to 1.20 meter, concrete posts and rollers are available upon request. Ideal for orchards needing strong and durable support structures.

✔️ Made in Italy

Wires and Ropes

Galvinized spiral wire rope (19 and 49 wires), funi plastificate metalliche o ricoperte, stainless steel 304 wire rope, triple galvanized wire rope, Crapal® Optimum and Optimum Top 50 wire rope. Available in reels of different weight and length depending on the model. Used in combination with support structures such as anchors, wire and anchor tensioners, clips, hooks and sping spreaders, Gripple, and clamps.

✔️ Made in Italy

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